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by Eric on January 24th, 2005

Buy Lisinopril Without Prescription, I got Mall World for my birthday (thanks, Jodie!) and finally got a chance to play it at Salishan with Chris, Mike, and Dave.

The game is rather dry - the theme is sort of tacked on in much the same way Goa has a tacked on theme.  However, you have to give almost any game that has a Swiss bank account, slush fund, and bribe chips a chance :)

First off: the rule writing absolutely sucks.  I had to read through them twice, and even then I really didn't understand what was going on until halfway through our game Saturday.  It didn't help that none of us had played before.

I think this game suffers in that it was hyped before release, and some of the early reports were from games where the rules were played incorrectly and the reviews suffered accordingly.  Also, this is definitely a game that takes some understanding to appreciate - I've only played once, but I definitely feel like I don't fully "get" what's happening.  I think the game will improve as I come to understand it.  However, this is a strike against the game - if you only play this game once or twice, I don't think you'll like it.  At this point, some people would question whether to cut and run, or keep trying.  I think the persistence will be rewarded for most, but it's not a guarantee.  Many people would probably just move on to something else.

The gist of the game is that you're trying to build different types of buildings in a mall and rent them out to different types of people.  How you want to go about this depends on the orders you acquire as the game progresses.

There are six primary moving parts to the game.  The mall itself is a grid that is filled with four different types of buildings.  There are four different types of people the buildings can be rented to.  The buildings and renters are placed via action cards.  The action cards let you place one type of building next to another, or rent a certain type of building to a certain person.  How you use the action cards is dictated by the order cards you acquire.  There are three types - special orders (dealt one each at the beginning of the game), rent orders, and construction (?) orders.  Confirming an order gains you a bribe chip.  The slush fund is used to bid on action cards, and whatever you have left at the end of the game translates 1:1 into your Swiss bank account (which is what the actual victory points are.)

The game is played in three rounds.  Each round ends when all the bribe chips are gone.  Players take turns in sequence, and the turn goes like this:

Optionally buy an order card using your Swiss bank account.  Then, either put 1-3 action cards up for auction OR confirm an order.  Finally, draw up to two action cards (up to a maximum of eight cards of any type in your hand.)

What you're trying to do is create certain combinations of things on the board.  Every occurance of this combination at the end of the round gains you points - construction orders are 3000 francs, rent orders 4000, and the special order (which is a combination of the two others) is worth 12,000.  Orders are scored at the end of a round, then discarded.  The cost to acquire these order cards is between 1000 and 7000 depending on where in the Dutch auction you buy them.  The bribe chips you get for confirming an order are worth between 4000 and -3000.  This acts as an incentive to get orders out early to avoid negative bribes.  The drawback to getting an order out early is that someone can play an action card sabotaging your order.  Lots of give and take here.  All the construction orders come into play before the rent orders - and if a building is rented out, it doesn't count towards construction orders.

The action cards are put into play via auction - each turn you can put between 1 and 3 cards into the auction - if it's just one, you put a chip into the slush fund and play the card yourself.  If it's more, people make a blind, simultaneous bid of chips, and depending on the number of cards auctioned and the number of bids, winners pay either the active player or the slush fund.  The active player doesn't get to bid, but always gets to play last remaining card for free.  When you play a card, you can either put a building next to another building as specified on the card, or rent a certain type of building out to a certain type of person.  This option is only available after somebody buys a rent order, however.  This allows construction orders to have value for a while, but probably not after the first round.

Finally, you can draw up to two action cards into your hand subject to the hard cap of 8 total cards in your hand of any type.  Be careful of drawing up to 8 cards, though, as that means you can't buy an order on your next turn.  I caught myself doing this twice during my first play.

Once an order card is confirmed that takes the last bribe chip, the orders are scored and discarded.  If this is the first round, any construction orders remaining to be bought are also discarded, and the lobby refilled.  New bribe chips are put out, and the next round begins.

In the third round, the game changes - more bribe chips come out, and you can both auction cards AND confirm an order on your turn. 

The part that takes a little getting used to is the end of the round - in the four player game, there are only five bribe chips in the first two rounds, and eight in the third - this means that only 18 orders, in total, will be confirmed.  Less than five per player.  So you really have to watch what other people are trying to do and balance slowing them down against what you're trying to accomplish.  And time things right (sort of like Union Pacific) so that you can get your order out before the end of the round.

This will never be a top ten game.  However, I think it's much better than the initial reviews have been implying.  It's very thought provoking, and you always want to do more than you're able to do - prioritizing your actions and trying to disguise your goals from your opponents are key.

As I've only managed to play the game once to this point, I'm not going to give a final review/score.  However, the scale is starting around 7, and may go up or down depending on how the game ages.  I think, in the end, this will end up getting one or two plays a year for me.  It would probably be better received if someone would just rewrite the rule book...

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  1. I would definitely play this one again. The more I played, the more I enjoyed and I’d like to play it while tracking the other players a bit more.

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