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Reading stats (caution – numbers ahead)

by Eric on January 3rd, 2012

Two years ago, I got a Kindle as a combined birthday/christmas present. It has fundamentally changed my reading patterns. I’m reading a lot more now than ever before. The Kindle nearly eliminates the friction from reading. I’ve since moved on to a Kobo Touch as my primary reader, but that’s an implementation detail: ereaders make reading easier.

Now, if the publishers can fix the pricing problems, it’ll be even better. But that’s for another post.

What I’m doing here is comparing my reading in 2010 to 2011. Number of books, sizes, etc. I’m including audio in this, as well. Also, non-fiction books are being labeled “novels” here for simplicity.

First, the big picture. In 2010, I completed 48 separate items. These break down as six audio books, 41 novels, and one shorter work.

In 2011, I completed 83 separate items. These break down as 12 audio books, 47 novels, three graphic novels, and 21 shorter works.

Obviously, everything increased in 2011. However, we all know not all novels are created equal. The Passage is a heck of a lot longer than The Colour of Magic. Yet, they count the same there. So, let’s look at lengths. As most of the reading I’ve done has been on the Kindle, I’ll use the Kindle’s locations metric as my judge of length, and duration for audio books. I’m going to ignore the graphic novels in these calculations.


year count locations average over 10k avg pages
2010 41 220794 5385 2 371
2011 47 285524 6075 7 393

(Some of the books I’ve read are electronic only and don’t have page counts – they’re not included in the average pages stat.)

Audio Books

year count length (HH:MM) average (HH:MM)
2010 6 68:49 11:28
2011 12 169:18 14:06


I read more things, and longer things. This is definitely an improvement.

Including shorter works, Goodreads thinks I finished 47 things in 2010, and 71 things in 2011. (Some of the shorter works I’ve read do not have separate entries on Goodreads.) I’ve signed up for the 2012 Goodreads Reading Challenge at 60 items. Five per month. As I intend to read fewer shorter works in 2012, this should end up being slightly more than what I read last year. There’s a widget on the right that will show my progress throughout the year.

My previous goal of finishing off series holds. So, expect to see a lot of Honor Harrington, Miles Vorkosigan, and various Discworld personages. I’m also going to be doing Hugo voting again this year, despite my disaster in not picking a single winner last time around.

Off to 2012, let’s see where it takes me.

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