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by Eric on August 14th, 2006

Buy Unisom Without Prescription, Last week, Tim, Doug, Wes, and I all met at my place for a game of 1825. Doug reported on the game rather well, Unisom without prescription, Rx free Unisom, so I won't dive in to details here, but I was curious about how people did in the last round so I went back and analyzed the progress of the last three operating rounds, Unisom from canada. Unisom use, One other thing spurred me to take a deeper look: seems I misread the end of the game conditions. Instead of finishing out the full set of operating rounds when the bank breaks, purchase Unisom online no prescription, Cheap Unisom no rx, you ONLY finish the current operating round. That means we should have ended things after OR2 in that turn, generic Unisom, Unisom no rx, we played the final OR. As there were plans made that counted on 3 ORs that turn, we'll pretend that's the actual end of the game, Buy Unisom Without Prescription.

After the last stock round, online buying Unisom, Unisom steet value, we were sitting with the following standings:

Eric: 3062 (1003 cash)
Doug: 2981 (1126)
Tim: 2981 (758 and yes, a tie.)
Wes: 2836 (702)

There was 2411 left in the bank, fast shipping Unisom. Buy Unisom from mexico, I ran the LSWR (which was at 112 after the stock round), Wes ran the GWR and LTS (at 142 and 76), Unisom price, coupon, Unisom blogs, Doug ran the GER, SECR, comprar en línea Unisom, comprar Unisom baratos, Unisom without a prescription, and LBSC (at 160, 82, Unisom samples, Unisom street price, and 71), and Tim ran the LNWR (at 230), Unisom class. Unisom no prescription, The only dividend withholding the entire set of ORs was the first time the LBSC ran, as it didn't have a train (both the LBSC and LTS were floated in that stock round.) So, discount Unisom, Unisom pictures, pretty much everything was appreciating and paying out every time. There was very little that could be done on the tracks to improve runs (in fact, my Unisom experience, Unisom duration, the only change was the LSWR opened up some space by the 3rd OR and paid out an extra $9/share in the third OR.)

After the first OR, the wisdom in Wes' choice for the par price on the LTS became clear, buy cheap Unisom no rx. Buy Unisom Without Prescription, Everything but the LBSC appreciated, and lots of cash was generated. Is Unisom safe, Dividends received in OR1:

Eric: 346
Wes: 369
Doug: 218
Tim: 331

After appreciation, the standings after OR1 were:

Eric: 3731 (+669)
Tim: 3595 (+614)
Wes: 3542 (+706)
Doug: 3354 (+373)

1147 was left in the bank, where can i buy cheapest Unisom online. Buy no prescription Unisom online, Given that 1264 was paid out in OR1, the bank would break in OR2, is Unisom addictive. Unisom for sale, It's pretty clear that while Doug was the majority owner in three companies, these were three of the lowest priced companies, purchase Unisom online. Unisom wiki, As I learned the first few times playing 18xx games, it's not how many shares you own, Unisom from canadian pharmacy, After Unisom, it's whether you own the ones going up in value.

In OR2, the LBSC began running and paying out, helping Doug quite a bit, Buy Unisom Without Prescription. Dividends paid this round were:

Eric: 366
Wes: 369
Doug: 318
Tim: 351

Standings after OR2 (and the by-the-rules end of the game) were:

Eric: 4500 (+769)
Wes: 4342 (+800)
Tim: 4290 (+695)
Doug: 3927 (+573)

The bank broke when the next-to-last company to run, kjøpe Unisom på nett, köpa Unisom online, Taking Unisom, the LBSC, paid out its dividend, order Unisom online c.o.d. Where to buy Unisom, Had we been playing properly, the game would have ended here, where can i cheapest Unisom online. Unisom trusted pharmacy reviews, However, I'm still going to consider OR3 the end of the game, as I think a number of decisions would have been made differently thinking we'd only have two ORs to play with.

In OR3, the only change was the LSWR managed to clear some space to run its trains more effectively. Buy Unisom Without Prescription, This changed the dividend payouts to:

Eric: 411
Wes: 396
Doug: 318
Tim: 369

The final standings were:

Eric: 5363 (+863)
Wes: 5179 (+837)
Tim: 5000 (+710)
Doug: 4533 (+606)

Some interesting observations, applicable to all 18xx games:

  1. Watch the increments on the stock chart. Going up three spaces when the stock's at 90 is worth 36/share. Going up 3 spaces when the stocks at 180 is worth 75/share.

  2. Dividends play a big key late in the game. The LSWR paid out 99/share in the last turn. Given that I ended with 5363, and owned 5 shares of the LSWR, that was close to 10% of my total net worth.

  3. You can make up a lot of ground late with a good stock play. The LTS netted 136% profit in the final turn alone.

Assuming all three ORs, buying a single share of a company would have netted you the following in profit:

LNWR: 157 (87 dividend, 70 appreciation) or 68%
GWR: 111 (48, 63) 78%
GER: 145 (75, 70) 90%
LSWR: 217 (99, 118) 193% (this was the key to my winning, I think, though I had withheld twice the prior turn to afford a third train.)
SECR: 66 (36, 30) 80%
LBSC: 59 (40, 19) 83%
LTS: 104 (54, 50) 136%

I know there's a lot of numbers on here... but when you're looking at a game of optimizing your investments, it's the kind of thing you look at.

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