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by Eric on September 12th, 2006

Buy Vantin Without Prescription, Tim and I were able to get in one more game of 18Scan on the Saturday afternoon before Jack was born. Playing it again after having done so the previous week was very helpful - it was still fresh in both our minds.

We logged all holdings after every set of operating rounds to get a feel for how the game progressed. Cheap Vantin no rx, After the last game, we noticed a couple things - having two minors + the mining company (SNJ) gave Tim a very large cash flow advantage early, and I really botched running the VR.

So, order Vantin online overnight delivery no prescription, how did things progress this time. Very differently, Buy Vantin Without Prescription. Very. Vantin over the counter, In the initial set of auctions, Tim ended up with Minors #1 and 2, and the private that gives you the President's share of the DSB. I ended up with Minor #3, generic Vantin, the Ferry (includes 1 VR share), and the Mining company (includes 1 SNJ share). Where to buy Vantin, I don't recall the exact order the privates/minors were bought, but I do remember Minor #2 was bought last. Buy Vantin Without Prescription, After completing the stock round, I ended up with 3 shares of the VR and 4 shares of the SNJ while Tim had 2 DSB shares, and 2 SNJ shares.

When going back and compiling the turn-by-turn notes, I realized that while owning two minors gives you a short term cash flow advantage it comes at a cost, buy cheap Vantin. Tim's auction purchases cost him $660 of his initial $900 (before bids), while I only spent $470. Vantin street price, That extra $190 or so turned into two more shares for me. This proved to be a significant advantage. In a three player game, it would be very interesting to see what happens when everyone has a minor and private each, Buy Vantin Without Prescription.

In the 2nd OR of the first turn, the DSB and VR were paying $40 each, Vantin alternatives, and the SNJ was paying $90. That mining token is huge early on, Buy no prescription Vantin online, but it comes at a cost later. More on that in a later turn. State of the game after one turn:

Railway Tim Eric Treas Trains Value Player Stock Cash Net Worth
DSB 2 . . 90 Tim 840 111 951 (M1+M2)
VR 3, kjøpe Vantin på nett, köpa Vantin online. . 90 Eric 950 248 1198 (M3+Ferry)
SNJ 2 4 . Vantin duration, . 90

(misplaced my notes on the state of the trains/treasury after turn 1)

In SR 2, Tim bought another SNJ to cash in on the dividends while I bought two more to max out at 6, Buy Vantin Without Prescription. During the ORs, the 3 trains hit the table, opening up the green tiles, order Vantin from United States pharmacy. I forgot to record the dividends that were paid, but after the end of these ORs, My Vantin experience, here was the game state:

Railway Tim Eric Treas Trains Value Player Stock Cash Net Worth
DSB 2 80 3 90 Tim 990 370 1360 (M1+M2)
VR 3 260 2+2 100 Eric 1280 460 1740 (M3+Ferry)
SNJ 3 6 550 1+1,3 110

SR3 brought the first sale of the game. Tim sold off a share of SNJ (this would prove to be very beneficial later on) and opened the NSB, ending up with 4 shares, after Vantin. He also bought another DSB. Buy Vantin Without Prescription, I bought a couple more VR and the presidents share of the State Railway (SJ) in anticipation of that opening during the next set of ORs. (It opens when the first 5 train is bought, Vantin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and the minors and privates disappear.)

Sure enough, this third set of ORs saw the 4s and 5s both hit the table. (and the SJ bought a 5E as well.) Lots of trains shuffled around during the turn to get the cash in the right places (and for Tim to remove cash from the Minors so the SJ wouldn't get it). The first five was bought in the 2nd OR of this set, about Vantin, meaning in only 6 ORs, we had already gotten into the 5 trains. Purchase Vantin online, The train rush in this game can be painful if you're not fully prepared for it. Status after this set of ORs was:

Railway Tim Eric Treas Trains Value Div Player Stock Cash Net Worth
DSB 3 147 5 110 21 Tim 1240 579 1819
VR 5 265 4,5 135 37 Eric 1935 889 2824
SNJ 2 6 34 3+3 165 15
NSB 4 112 4 100 17
SJ 2 3 95 5E 90 -

In SR4, it became clear that Tim's selling a share of the SNJ the previous turn was smart - the SNJ had outlived its usefulness, and I wanted to dump, Buy Vantin Without Prescription. It was going to need to buy a train very soon, and had nothing in the treasury. I was hoping to be able to dump the railway on Tim, discount Vantin, but by selling down to two shares, I couldn't sell enough to transfer the President's share to him. Doses Vantin work, (Only 50% of a company can be in the pool, and by Tim selling one share in SR3, I was limited to selling four shares - not enough to transfer the presidency to Tim.) So, I was going to be stuck buying a train, ordering Vantin online. This meant curtailing my spending during this stock round as I was going to have to keep enough on hand to pay for the train. Buy Vantin Without Prescription, This ended up being over $400.

SR4 saw Tim buying 2 DSB, Buy Vantin from canada, 1 NSB, and 2 SJ. I sold 4 SNJ, and bought 4 DSB, Vantin wiki, 1 VR, 3 NSB, Where can i cheapest Vantin online, and 3 SJ. I was right up against my 18-certificate limit, while Tim was still at 14 - this is the same effect we saw in our first game, just the players were reversed, Vantin use. Having the cash to get to your Cert limit first means your money is growing faster than your opponent's. That's the key to winning, Buy Vantin Without Prescription.

This set of ORs saw the 4-Diesels bought, Buy Vantin no prescription, rusting the 4/3+3s. The game was definitely in the home stretch now. Status after Turn 4 was:

Railway Tim Eric Treas Trains Value Div Player Stock Cash Net Worth
DSB 5 4 14 5 110 21 Tim 1860 514 2374
VR 6 79 5,4D 135 23 Eric 2630 642 3272
SNJ 2 2 0 5E 135 15
NSB 5 3 65 4D, online buy Vantin without a prescription,4D 100 34
SJ 4 6 95 5E 135 20

SR5 was a definite optimization round. We were trying to figure out where the best returns were going to be given what we could actually buy. Buy Vantin Without Prescription, My only adjustment was to sell a DSB and buy an NSB, while Tim bought an NSB and 3 VR. Vantin pharmacy, The ORs were a bit tame as well as no railway was in position to buy any trains, and the routes were hitting max value. Status after Turn 5 was:

Railway Tim Eric Treas Trains Value Div Player Stock Cash Net Worth
DSB 5 3 56 5 135 21 Tim 3315 1586 4901
VR 3 6 466 5,4D 200 58 Eric 3675 2312 5987
SNJ 2 2 32 5E 165 16
NSB 6 4 65 4D, Vantin overnight,4D 165 66
SJ 4 6 95 5E 180 20

We were short of breaking the bank by around $1300. It was pretty clear that we'd be ending the game this turn, Vantin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, so we did the final turn on paper. The only stock transaction was Tim selling a DSB and buying a VR. State at the end of the game was:

Railway Tim Eric Treas Trains Value Div Player Stock Cash Net Worth
DSB 4 3, Buy Vantin Without Prescription. 5 150 21 Tim 4820 3246 8066
VR 4 6 . 5, get Vantin,4D 330 58 Eric 5230 3978 9208
SNJ 2 2 . 5E 200 19
NSB 6 4 . Vantin brand name, 4D,4D 270 66
SJ 4 6 . 5E 220 20
Buy Vantin Without Prescription, (we didn't really track the state of the company treasuries during this turn as it frankly didn't matter.)

So, what did we learn from two playings about a week apart. A couple things (probably mostly applicable to two-player only):

  1. The private that provides the mining company must be fought for, hard, Vantin maximum dosage, during the initial auction.

  2. If you don't get the mining private, Buy Vantin from canada, buy the other two privates. Do not let the owner of the mining private get away with only paying for one minor company. Whomever owns two minors will have significantly less cash at the beginning of the game. Giving one person a head start on the cash AND the better cash flow through the mines is a backbreaker, Buy Vantin Without Prescription. If you look at the scores of the early turns, australia, uk, us, usa, you can see where I never relinquished that advantage.

  3. The train rush comes fast for an "intro" game. There's actually six or seven railways operating early in the game. Vantin from mexico, If you consider that the 11th train purchased rusts the first six, and the 14th rusts the next four, you can see where the need for appropriate amounts saved in corporate treasuries is important.

  4. In fact, that last point is so important, where can i buy Vantin online, let's look at it again. While 7 companies are operating, Herbal Vantin, the 11th train purchase (the first 4-train) rusts 6 trains. Buy Vantin Without Prescription, This is early enough in the game that there should be cash in the treasuries to withstand a forced purchase. However, only three more train purchases rusts four more trains, leaving only four trains remaining in the game for five companies, real brand Vantin online. (The SJ forms from the dissolution of the Minors when the 14th train is bought). Somebody's likely to be odd-man-out, Vantin cost, forcing a train purchase. In this game, it was the SNJ, costing me over $400 from my personal cash, Vantin images. This happened in the 6th OR in our game - that's really not very much time, Buy Vantin Without Prescription. You have to be ready for it.

After a couple playings, I have to say that I really, really like this game. I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a first 18xx game for anyone, but it's got enough meat to it to provide a challenge for a seasoned player while not being overwhelming.

I'd REALLY love to play it with three, though. That should be the true test.

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