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The home of a hangout-style podcast covering the casual side of Magic the Gathering, with a focus on the Commander format.

Eric: @ProggyBoog
Jake: @WCPower9
Jessie: @StrictlyWorseLV

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Episode 54: Modern Horizons 2 Part One

Part one of our two-part Modern Horizons set review.

Episode 53: Win the Game Cards

Win the Game cards are a great way to spice up your EDH decks and give you another way to pull off that victory!

Episode 52: Things we’d love to see in Commander

Waxing philosophic about things we’d love to see Wizards add to Magic, and many other ideas.

Episode 51: Digging for Diamonds #4: Tempest Block

The gang goes back to 1997 and 1998 to dig up overlooked cards from Tempest Block.

Episode 50: Commander 2021 Deck and Set Review

The crew talks about the new preconstructed Commander decks for 2021 tied to Strixhaven.

Episode 49: Back to School – The Strixhaven Set Review

Our thoughts on the latest Standard-legal set for Magic: the Gathering

Episode 48: The Finals! (and The Mystical Archive)

Who comes out on top? Grixis or Sultai? Also, some chat about the Mystical Archive.

Episode 47: The Final Four!

Wherein we decide which is the best shard, and which is the best wedge.

Episode 46: The Quarterfinals!

The tournament quarterfinals are here! Who’s got game enough to advance, and who gets left behind? Listen in and see!

Episode 45: Tourney Time!

Starting our playoff of all the Shards and Wedges in Magic! What’s the best three-color combination in EDH?